Benjamin Franklin had his own opinions about the war. He hated the British Parliament and he even said "I am indeed of opinion that the Parliament has no right to make law whatever binding the colonies."

Benjamin Franklin also hated his son. Even though Ben was a patriot, his son, William, became a loyalist by the time he reached age 30. Ben didn't leave any money for William in his will. He had decided that if the war was won by the British he would have had no wealth to give him.

Ben had his own opinions on liberty too. He said that "He who would sacrifice essential liberty to obtain little temporary safety deserves neither liberty or safety." Basically he hated the British.  

Ben also had an opinion of the Stamp Act. He hated the Stamp Act because it was not fair and of course it was made by the British and he hated them too. His son William actually helped the British with the Stamp Act. He let the British stay in his harbor (when he was Governor of New Jersey) when they were shipping over the stamps, tea, and everything else the British taxed the colonists with. There were rumors going around that Ben actually supported the Stamp Act but in fact he definitely did not support it.