What He Did

 Ben Franklin invented many things. He invented things like the post office, the hospital, and the lightning rod. He also helped form the United States. If it weren't for people like him we wouldn't have the rights we have now. We would still be ruled by England. 

He made many diplomatic missions to other colonies to try to unite them. He even made a diplomatic mission to England to try to settle a peace treaty and to stop the war. Of course, the British wanted to be men and settle the fight by fighting. They should have just settled with the peace treaty.

He was also a very big firebrand. He riled up a lot of trouble with the British. He was one of the Sons of Liberty. In case you don't know who the Sons of Liberty were, they were a group of firebrands that opposed the British and did many things like The Boston Tea Party when the Sons of Liberty dressed up like Mohawk Indians and raided a British ship full of tea and threw all of the tea into Boston Harbor.
He was also the father of electricity. He was even nicknamed "Electric Franklin". The picture above shows Ben Franklin and his son William flying a kite with a key attached in the rain so that when the key got wet it would be struck by lightning and go all the way down the string and then hit the silk bow on the bottom of the string and the bow would absorb the electricity.